Freenode Group Registration

Kevin M Stange kevin at
Sun Apr 8 16:43:19 EDT 2007

Someone from fairly high up in Pidgin should submit a group registration
application for Freenode so that we have control over our channel
namespaces.  During discussion of using #pidgwin as a channel name for
Win32, a troll joined it, registered it, and created a Wikipedia article
to try to establish that he was using it for a legitimate fork.

There are also channels registered for #winpidgin, #win-pidgin and
#pidgin-win64, if not more, which we cannot control unless we establish
that we claim *pidgin* and *pidgwin* as our namespace and register our
group on Freenode.  Of course if someone has an in with a freenode rep,
we might be able to resolve it that way instead.

Either way, group registration is probably something we should do now.


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