Freenode Group Registration

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Mon Apr 9 17:45:36 EDT 2007

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 04:28:54PM -0500, Richard Laager wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-04-09 at 17:07 -0400, Luke Schierer wrote:
> > I prefer jabber's group chat to irc's.
> Out of curiosity... Why?
> Richard

I do not like logging chats, they get very huge very fast.  So local
history plugins do not work.

Still, I like seeing at least some history when I join, particularly for
those channels where I am, or try to be, an active participant.  It
helps me get up to speed after any lengthy disconnect, and it mitigates
the effects of a short disconnect.  I consider the server side history
of jabber chats a strong plus over irc.

Because of the model it uses, jabber chats do not suffer from the splits
of irc networks.  This is a minimal plus.

Jabber chats have easier management, ban, invite, and permissions are
simpler.  While they are less powerful, we do not need a significant
range of complexity.

It is more in lines with stuff we are actually working on.  It irks me
that the primary way of reaching freenode for most of us is neither
pidgin nor finch.  It seems that as IM developers, we should have our IM
chats using our own products.  


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