Gaim focus bug - already fixed?

Greg Toombs greg.toombs at
Wed Apr 11 15:24:45 EDT 2007

Greg Toombs wrote:
> Dale Worley wrote:
>> On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 13:13 -0500, Mark Doliner wrote:  
>> If you're using click-to-focus, check that right-click actually sets the
>> focus in other applications.  I seem to remember being surprised by a
>> click-to-focus system for which right-click did *not* move the focus to
>> the clicked-on application, though it brought up the menu from the
>> application.
>> Dale
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> This is the case, yep. Turns out this happens in most other 
> applications, too, so I'll look for the issue in an xfwm list. Thanks all.
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Silly me. There's a setting in the xfwm conf for "raise window if any 
mouse button is clicked"; that did it...

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