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Kevin M Stange kevin at
Thu Apr 12 02:39:36 EDT 2007

Richard Laager wrote:
> 		cp ~/.gaim/<FILES> ~/.purple

We need to consider .gaim subdirectories that are foreign.  Some plugins
use .gaim for their own files, and if we don't copy these and the user
upgrades their plugins, these data files will be "lost."

The question is, do we copy these files or do we leave this as an
exercise for the plugin authors?

Additionally, we have "smileys", "plugins" (probably not worth copying
since these will not load), and "icons" (are we going to disown the old
cache, or copy it?).

> In the case of Windows, where we can't symlink the logs, I'd say we'll
> just hope the user never goes back to Gaim. If they do, they'll just
> have to deal manually.

I don't see it as a common use case that a Windows user will be running
both Gaim and Pidgin installations on the same machine, or that they'll
be syncing their .gaim or .purple directory between multiple copies of
Windows (there's really little reason not to be using the latest version
of Pidgin because there is no package management concern of any kind)

I also doubt that, in general, users will be aware enough to be looking
for their old .gaim directory to try to delete it or access files in it.
 As long as the Windows case migrates _everything_ to the new location,
I think we'll be fine.


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