Pref Migration Summary

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Apr 12 10:40:38 EDT 2007

On Thu, 12 Apr 2007 01:39:36 -0500, Kevin M Stange wrote
> We need to consider .gaim subdirectories that are foreign.  Some plugins
> use .gaim for their own files, and if we don't copy these and the 
> user upgrades their plugins, these data files will be "lost."
> The question is, do we copy these files or do we leave this as an
> exercise for the plugin authors?
> Additionally, we have "smileys", "plugins" (probably not worth 
> copying since these will not load), and "icons" (are we going to 
> disown the old cache, or copy it?).

Good points.  We should probably not move foreign files and subdirectories. 
Plugins should be responsible for moving their files and subdirectories.  And
we shouldn't move plugins.

List of files to copy:
accels (this is autogenerated by us/gtk, right?)
dict (from the word replacement plugin)

List of directories to move then symlink:

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