Kevin M Stange kevin at
Fri Apr 13 01:55:55 EDT 2007

Richard Laager wrote:
> What are we going to do with ChangeLog.API's 2.0.0 section, with regard
> to the rename?

(Someday I am going to get used to hitting reply-to-list button.)

I think that a clearly marked note that reads something like this is

"Please note all functions, defines, and data structures have been
re-namespaced to match the new names of Pidgin, Finch, and Libpurple.
All gaim_gtk functions are now pidgin, [etc.].  Please consult our
doxygen documentation for a complete reference"

Also probably useful is to note that Pidgin has an API compatibility
layer, but NOT an ABI compatibility layer and that nothing from any
betas will work without being recompiled.  (Though I think we're only
fully API compatible with beta 6, if anything.)

Then, I think perhaps noteworthy changes from 1.5.0 -> 2.0.0 should be
retained as is (and more added if any are missing) to at least make it
clear what kind of major functionality plugin authors may have to
rewrite as opposed to simply renaming their function calls.


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