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Fri Apr 13 17:00:42 EDT 2007

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Nathan Walp wrote:
> John Bailey wrote:
>> I should note that I wasn't complaining about the volume of e-mails, which
>> didn't bother me at all.  The amount of messages received at the time happened
>> to be a convenient indicator of how infrequently the diff was appearing.  I was
>> just confused as to why so few contained a diff, especially given that every
>> mail that has generated for our monotone databases on (save, of
>> course, the new pubkey messages) has a diff attached, including the 90KB diff
>> that I generated last night by using a carefully-constructed chain of sed
>> commands on our guifications 2.x tree to completely convert to the pidgin and
>> purple namespaces.
> Maybe we need to take a look at the differences between your setup on 
> and the one on  The lack of diffs is 
> certainly starting to wear on me.
> -Nathan

That's funny because I copied the setup from

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