about yahoo protocol

Damian Minkov damencho at damencho.com
Mon Apr 16 09:44:38 EDT 2007

Hello all,

We've been running into a strange problem with Yahoo! in SIP 
Communicator so I was wondering whether you guys have already come 
across the same thing in Gaim and if yes how you handled it.

When adding a friend to an yahoo contact list the client is supposed to 
receive a service event (15,1) from the server indicating that the 
friend has been added.

Then a service event is sent to the added friend (15,3) requesting 
permission for us to add them to our list and then the first client 
would get a service event (131,1)  with the status of the added user.

So my question is - does this always run for you as expected? Have you 
ever had any problems adding friends?

In general we do receive the first event but not the following two 
events. From that point on we don't get any further status notifications 
for this buddy.

Does this sound familiar. Have you ever had this problem?


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