Prefix to subject line

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Thu Apr 19 08:33:27 EDT 2007

On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 01:57:33PM +0200, Frank Lanitz wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe already discussed, but is it possible, to add a short prefix to  
> the subject line of the mails of this list? I would be realy great ;)
> Frank

It was discussed when the lists were first set up.  There
were strong opinions on both sides.  Those who filter their mail into
folders generally feel that the prefix is useless (any real mail client
can easily identify the mail based on other things), and obscures more
meaningful information (the subject of the email, particularly if the
thread gets long or the subject is inherently long).  Those who do not
filter their email into folders generally wanted the prefix, to identify
the emails in their inbox that come from lists. 

I felt the arguments coming from those who filter to be stronger.


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