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Kevin M Stange kevin at
Fri Apr 20 04:26:54 EDT 2007

Tim Huetz wrote:
> Hey,
> yeah, I would appreciate this too. This would make it possible to use a
> filter for the mailinglist-mails again :)

As mentioned elsewhere in the thread, there are several things you can
use to filter the messages.  I think the list-id header is probably the
best choice.  Thunderbird can't do "after-the-fact" filtering on IMAP
folders, but it will filter new messages on list-id if you tell it to,
as will most other email clients.

Worst case, you could always look in To: or CC: for the mailing list
name, as it's fairly unusual for someone to BCC: a mailing list.

There was definitely an absurdly long discussion about this already (I
vaguely recall that it crossed between both the private and public
lists) and I think the question of whether we will turn back on subject
tagging is a strong and definitive no.

Someone less lazy than I should dig up those URLs on the subject. :)


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