An important, controversial issue!

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A paper or a paper with clock? Why not put everything on a 
paper. Or use a paper for every state ("busy" can be on a 

For the paper part, the sticky notes are more used like 
things *to do* or to *remember*. Yes sometimes they are 
used to tell other people when you're back, but they were 
invented for remembering things. A hanging board that was 
suggested for away would be better for ex-away in my 
opinion. Also, the sticky notes are used in applications 
like tomboy, in which they server the away/remember 
purpuse, so we don't want to create confusion there.

Now away means that you will back in some time (without a 
away message), and i think the best way to indicate time 
is a clock.

I think greyed out buddies look good for idle, like 
inactive  UI widgets.

As you know, I come from MSN client (back in Windows 
days), and getting used to different metaphors took a week 
or so (old Gaim was way more different then pidgin is from 
other clients now).

That's how i think about the statuses. :)


I really don't get it!:)
> Clock signifies Time, in any facet of life. Period. If 
>you're going to 
> be away for an extended period of *time*, it should be 
>signified by a clock.
> Best way to signify extended away should be the piece of 
>paper, *with* 
> the clock on it.
> Away == Paper
> Idle == Grayed out
> Extended Away == Paper with Clock
> Would everyone agree that this makes the most common 
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