Final draft of logo is in

Ryan Barrett gaim-devel at
Sat Apr 28 02:43:05 EDT 2007

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, Sean Egan wrote:

> That was Mark Doliner's influence. He thought that a Pidgin should
> look dumb and emotionless; the designer struck a balance between "dumb
> and emotionless," and "happy," which others of us wanted.

that's understandable. i think the designer succeeded, too. he does manage to 
look both dumb/emotionless and happy.

even so, i don't particularly care for him. he's a little too stiff. i liked 
that the "gaim guy" was simpler and streamlined, and felt more bright and 
energetic. i'm not violently opposed, but i would vote for another draft.

(incidentally, i like the text's cleverness too, but at first glance, i found 
it hard to read. the cleverness will probably be lost on the majority of 
users, so it might not be the best design criteria.)



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