Can't compile a plugin, dependency problems?

Billhead billhead at
Sat Apr 28 07:30:34 EDT 2007

Hello, I am wanting to try my hand at making a plugin for Gaim/Pidgin, but I
have had nothing but problems compiling it on Windows XP.
I am using Code::Blocks and MinGW GCC, and I have downloaded glib-dev from<>,
I have downloaded Gaim source from Source Forge for libgaim, but when I try
to follow the instructions on, I keep running into
problems when I try to compile the plugin.
Most of the errors were because I wasn't compiling the libgaim .c files, but
now I am getting errors about missing dbus files.
Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong, or just give me a list of
what exactly is needed to compile plugins?
Thank you
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