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Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Wed Aug 1 17:11:04 EDT 2007


Peter Ruibal schrieb:
> On 8/1/07, *Jeff Sadowski* <jeff.sadowski at
> <mailto:jeff.sadowski at>> wrote:
>     Yesterday when I was trying to figure out how to use shared
>     object libs in java 
> For anyone who's interested, you can use jna (
> <>) or jni (
> to
> directly interface java with c libraries directly.
Oh, I did not yet recognize JNA, that looks interesting. I'd like to
have Java-bindings for libpurple and thought of SWIG[0] to create the
JNI-Code. But I do not have much experience in C.
Maybe I'll simply try it out, after I have a little more time (writing
master thesis, moving house, ...).

I'll post as soon as I have sth presentable.



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