idle detection

Richard Laager rlaager at
Thu Aug 2 02:34:16 EDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 21:21 -0700, Sean Egan wrote:
> Did you really just reply to this today, or did it get massively delayed?

I really replied today (well, technically yesterday now).

> I made the changes described, but didn't do anything on the pref
> updating corner case.

It's not really a big deal, but we could easily do it for correctness.

> If my Pidgin is set to "Show me as idle according to my keyboard and
> mouse" use, and I've been using the keyboard and mouse for 50 seconds
> (or even 30 seconds), I'm considering it a bug, and I'm not alone in
> that.
> We're currently every polling 3 seconds, which is fine by me. We used
> to poll every 5 seconds, and we can swing that, too.

Where do you draw the line? Why is 5 okay but 60 isn't?

> Without knowledge of how the power-saving kernel scheduler works, I
> suspect polling every 60 seconds makes that huge a power difference
> over every 5 or every 3.

Yes, it's probably not a big deal. And really, we'll stop polling as
soon as we get new X magic anyway.

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