idle detection

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Thu Aug 2 08:46:09 EDT 2007

Mark Doliner wrote:
> I think it's important that we go from idle to available quickly because users
> are dumb and don't understand that it could take up to a minute.  People
> think, "hey, I moved my mouse and Pidgin didn't make me un-idle.  It must be
> broken."  Or, if not broken then at least crappy software.
> Computers these days are pretty fast... I don't think it's unreasonable to
> wake up and check a variable every couple billion hertz.
I totally aggree with you and Sean. I also thought of a bug, when I
recognized that Pidgin does not set me back to available immediately.
After reading this thread I understand the reasons, maybe this could
just be configurable?

Or in general: May it be useful to introduce a "Laptop-Mode" where
Pidgin tries to save as much power as possible? This could not only
affect the polling interval, but other settings as well (I'm not
familiar with the code, so I don't know where such settings could be


PS: Sorry Mark for PM :(

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