Reducing tab size

Lukas Barth tinloaf at
Thu Aug 2 22:01:52 EDT 2007

Sean Egan schrieb:
> On 8/2/07, Lukas Barth <tinloaf at> wrote:
>> "Organize" does IMHO not only mean "show", but also "show status". I
>> think the information wether a buddy I have an open conversation with is
>> online or not is important:
> It is important to know. That's why it's in the infopane. I don't see
> how it helps you choose your buddy from a bunch of conversations.

If my buddy has gone offline, it makes no sense to activate that tab. 
The problem is: If I don't see "Buddy has gone offline" from the 
tablist, I will activate that tab to talk to that buddy (and therefor 
start tabbing through the tablist), then see he has gone offline and 
have wasted time changing keyboards and tabbing through the list for 

If I had seen that the buddy has logged off from the tablist, I would 
not have changed keyboards at all, but I would have closed the tab when 
enough "offline"-tabs have gathered (I then change my hand to the mouse 
and close all conversations marked as "offline").

  > While I'm hitting the crack pipe...
> If you essentially want the tabs to serve as a mini-buddy-list, what
> if we forced tabs-on-the-side and made the infopanes the tabs. Then
> you have what actually does resemble a buddy list along the left side
> of your window:

I think there is a difference between infos such as "buddy icon" or 
"away message" and "status": Buddy icon and away message are of no 
importance if I consider activating a certain tab (and therefor start 
tabbing around) - the status *is* of importance in this case (as I said: 
If the buddy is offline, there is no reason to activate the tab).


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