- 2.1.0 GUI

Hylke Bons h.bons at
Fri Aug 3 06:28:44 EDT 2007

> I don't see this as a large difference between graying the option out
under the menu, or graying the button out on the
> toolbar.  If in fact the "button descriptions" were removed from the
toolbar, then it would be easy to maintain the current
> goal window size without causing users to lose buttons when they
resize the window.

I think the texts should only be hidden when the user actively chooses
to hide it, as can be done in the "Menu's and Toolbars" settings in
GNOME. The toolbar is already ledd wide then it ever was, and moving
"reset font" into the Font dropdown makes even more space.

>> the reason it was made less wide is because people complaining
>>  that the toolbar was too wide and buttons were "cut off".
>> I think the toolbar should have the most common options supported by
>> different protocols.
> That space could better be used by plugins or "Info" etc. But I think
> This is true but it needs to be maintained that the GUI of Pidgin
> needs to compete with each protocol's native client in terms of an
> "easy UI", users of those protocols migrating will always gripe if
> they must take extra steps to accomplish an action.
I already suggested to change the behaviour to have the same amount of
clicks as before in a ticket.


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