Use case for per-protocol icons

Josh Williams yurimxpxman at
Fri Aug 3 23:41:43 EDT 2007

On 8/3/07, Luke Schierer <lschiere at> wrote:
> It occurs to me that back when we caused the alias to show in place of
> the screenname, people complained for *precisely* the same reason.  "If
> the alias shows, I cannot tell if I'm talking to my friend's @work
> screenname or not."  Um, if that is a problem, *don't give them the same
> alias.*

That's not at all the point (also in reply to your prior e-mail). The
point is that there _is_ a difference among protocols, and we need to
know which one we're dealing with. It's merely an inconvenience to go
through a few clicks to find out what protocol you're using.

Why is this even an issue? By replacing the protocol icons with the
green dot, we *lose* functionality. This project is becoming worse
than GNOME in that respect.

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