text formatting in coversation window [RESOLVED]

Wes Morgan morganw at chemikals.org
Sun Aug 5 21:14:36 EDT 2007

A while back I reported the issue below, it magically fixed itself and I 
just now bothered to actually track down the cause. For the record, using 
"-O2" with gcc 4.2.0 causes the problem. Plain "-O" works fine. Pretty 
much a "duh, of course" answer. :)

I'll pass this along to the FreeBSD port maintainer so hopefully it can be 
resolved from the ports status.

On Sun, 8 Jul 2007, Wes Morgan wrote:

> There are a couple of tickets (#1718, #1873) on this issue, but I haven't
> seen any discussion or comments on them... I had been tracking the
> monotone version of pidgin, but yesterday I installed the FreeBSD port
> instead. Now I find that pidgin cannot bold, italic or underline
> formatting to any fonts inside the conversation window or the input box.
> Going back to the monotone version doesn't fix the problem. I've been over
> my system with a fine-toothed comb and *nothing* has changed. However,
> looking at the source, obviously nothing has changed there either. Somehow
> the bold tags (I'm guessing as applied in gtkconv.c:5267-5393 or
> thereabouts) just don't work any more. I'm very hesitant to say it's a
> pidgin problem, but through what underlying packages does this text go to
> be rendered? GTK obviously, but where else could the problem creep in?

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