Additional emoticons for MySpaceIM

shellreef at shellreef at
Mon Aug 6 01:16:47 EDT 2007

I have a side-by-side comparison of the emoticons supported by
MySpaceIM and Pidgin at:

Pidgin has most of MySpaceIM's icons, but a few, marked with "???" on
the above page, are missing or have no clear equivalent:

- A "nerd" emoticon, not to be confused with the "geek" emoticon.
MySpaceIM has both, but nerd looks nerdier than geek. Should I just
use Pidgin's glasses-nerdy.png for both?
- A bulgy eyes emoticon
- Mohawk
- Messed up / intoxicated
- Pirate
- "Side frown" (see image)
- Sinister. Pidgin has mean, but sinister is even meaner (though
mean.png could do)

Hylke, would you be willing to design new icons for Pidgin to fill in
these gaps? By the way, thanks for designing the msimprpl logo.

Comments are also appreciated if you don't agree with how I matched up
Pidgin's and MySpaceIM's icons, or if there is an icon in Pidgin
already that could be used for the missing emoticons above. Not all of
the MySpaceIM icons are a clear match to Pidgin's.


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