Pidgin 2.1 UI Ideas (with mockups!)

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Mon Aug 6 22:50:35 EDT 2007

On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 09:12:34PM -0400, Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Michael spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > I don't know that anyone particularly cares, but I just wanted to
> > mention this about the new small avatars:
> > 
> > I've got my sister using pidgin, and after she upgraded, about 10
> > seconds later, she's bugging me about the fact that she can barely see
> > anyone's icon anymore.  She didn't have any complaints about anything
> > else, and in fact liked the infopane and the fact that the icon was "at
> > the top of the window," she just didn't liek that she couldn't see the
> > icons properly.
> Why are the tooltips (which should have full-size icons, right?) not
> good enough?  Do people watch buddy icons like they're a TV show,
> waiting for them to change in some unexpected way?
> Ethan

I think that many people do just that.  Icons get changed to reflect
mood, and if you don't notice someone's icon changed, you are in some
odd way failing to respond to that person.  It is childish, but then
we've seen that sort of behavior typify IM users again and again.


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