Use case for per-protocol icons

Josh Williams yurimxpxman at
Mon Aug 6 23:34:28 EDT 2007

On 8/6/07, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:
> This is *precisely* what I'm talking about, yes!  If you don't
> understand the following argument, then this is absolutely the source
> of the disconnect, and we simply believe that you are wrong, plain and
> simple.  The user should not have to KNOW that MSN uses nudge and
> Yahoo! uses nudge -- the user should simply say "I want to get my
> friend's attention", and Pidgin should handle "nudging" or "buzzing";
> these names are essentially arbitrary labels for the same thing, which
> differ only because the protocol servers have a meaningless difference
> in terminology.

No, because very few protocols support this. That's my point.

> Yeah, that's a terrible idea, a waste of time, and a waste of
> resources.  You should at least use libpurple as-is, as an installed
> library, as, e.g., Adium does.  Anything else is lost effort.  That
> said, if you do use monotone, or another capable distributed VCS,
> changes to libpurple could conceivably be ported back and forth
> without contortionist effort, if there were anything worthwhile to
> move in the "back" direction.

That's still to be worked out (I've written very little code so far.
I'm mainly just in the idea stage atm). There are a few things that I
want to change about libpurple and finch, most of which you would not
want changed for pidgin. So I'm still trying to decide how I'm going
to deal with that.

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