libpurple for non-gui clients

Kyryll A Mirnenko aka Mirya mirya at
Thu Aug 9 08:18:44 EDT 2007

There's some sort of a problem using libpurple for non-ui clients: it creates 
a conversation for every little talk. If a non-ui client handles lots of news 
users it becomes a hazard. I've tried to destroy the conversation after a 
message is sent _from_ my non-ui client, but that doesn't work for incoming 
messages: I can't destroy the conversation itself in the write_conv() 
callback (it results in the application crash). Or other hand, may protocols 
allow talking without such an entity, e.g. in style

cb_receive(PurpleAccount acc, string from, string message)
send(PurpleAccount acc, string to, string message)

Is there a way to implement such flow?
Regards, Mirya
ICQ #313898202

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