Updated smiley style

Michael cwal at metalgecko.com
Thu Aug 9 20:09:54 EDT 2007

Hylke Bons wrote:
> Hey,
> When making new smileys for the MySpaceIM prpl I experimented a bit with
> a new (better) style for smileys.
> I added eyeballs, eyebrows and some changes to the lighting. The
> eyebrows make some emotions a lot better (see angry and sad),  the
> eyeballs give a better impression of eye direction and size (see shock).
> Overall, this style makes the emotions
> a bit more sophisticated and i think it can help improve a lot of the
> icons that are a bit unclear.
> Updating the emotes won't be a very large task.

The new style happy and sad look mentally disturbed.  The rest look a
lot better in the new style.

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