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Steven Brown steven.w.j.brown at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 10:51:06 EDT 2007

Great icons, Hylke!  Overall, I like this new style much more, but I'd 
like to make a couple comments.

Making the eyes into eyeballs has decreased the size of the pupil and 
decreased the exaggeration of expression.  Would it look strange to make 
the eyes a little bigger?

I think the mouth on the new-style-cute is too sharp of an angle (too 
small), I like the old mouth's shape more.  And although the red mouth 
looks good, I'm wondering if it's more difficult for some people to see. 
  Black provides great contrast and maybe helps convey the emote's 
meaning more quickly and clearly.  Seeing a before/after of the 
insert-smiley dialog would be the best way to compare, I think.

If there is one emote I'd really like to see updated, it's the crying 
emote.  Two symmetrical tears always looked strange to me for some reason.

I'm looking forward to whatever you produce!  :)


Hylke Bons wrote:
> Hey,
> When making new smileys for the MySpaceIM prpl I experimented a bit with
> a new (better) style for smileys.
> I added eyeballs, eyebrows and some changes to the lighting. The
> eyebrows make some emotions a lot better (see angry and sad),  the
> eyeballs give a better impression of eye direction and size (see shock).
> Overall, this style makes the emotions
> a bit more sophisticated and i think it can help improve a lot of the
> icons that are a bit unclear.
> Updating the emotes won't be a very large task.
> Hylke
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