Sound in Finch

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Sat Aug 11 07:58:19 EDT 2007

Hello everyone.

I have just merged part of the Summer of Code work by Eric Polino into
im.pidgin.pidgin. The merged code adds, among other things, sound
support in finch. You can reach the sound dialog from the action menu
(alt+a). The dialog looks like:

The dialog does not fit into an 80x25 terminal. But you can use the
usual alt+ctrl+j and alt+ctrl+k to scroll through the window.

The dialog looks pretty much like the sound preference dialog in pidgin.
So most people will know what to do with it. The one new thing is the
'Profiles' section. A sound-profile is just a set of sound-preferences.
You can have, for example, a profile that plays some fancy sounds on some
events, and another profile with another set of sounds that are played on
the same or a different set of events, and yet another profile that
doesn't play any sound at all! This will probably be useful for folks
who use sound at home, but don't want to play the sounds when using finch

My plan is to add a 'Switch sound profile' preference in the 'New
status' dialog, which will bind a status to a sound-profile. So, for
example, you can bind a 'no sound' profile to your 'At Work' status.

You can completely ignore the 'Profile' section if you want; everything
else will work (or at least, supposed to work) as it does in pidgin.

Any bug reports, suggestions, patches etc. are, as usual, welcome.


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