Additional emoticons for MySpaceIM

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at
Mon Aug 13 11:00:42 EDT 2007

This brings up an idea/question

I have only really used pidgin with the yahoo protocol so I never
really got to paying attention.

But I know from what little experience I have had that different chat
clients see the smilies differently. I would like the smiley themes to
go with the protocol

yahoo: **==


some other protocal: (flag)

I know some smilies don't even translate.

I would like to have a different selection of smilies for each
protocol and know that the recipients on the other end are seeing what
they expect to see for their chat clients interpretation. (Assuming
most of the other people using that protocol are using the chat client
specifically for that protocol.)

On 8/12/07, shellreef at <shellreef at> wrote:
> > I think this attached one [messed.png] would do, if not, we'll see the complaints fly
> > in.
> Looks good. This completes the MySpaceIM emoticon set for msimprpl,
> and these changes will make it into msimprpl 0.14.
> Thanks,
> -Jeff Connelly
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