What's the d-bus for?

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 22:33:51 EDT 2007

Wade Yin wrote:
>   One of them is:   In pidgin, what's the d-bus for ...   I don't have 
> dbus lib installed in my system, after I compiled the pidgin from 
> source, it works normal.   is it better to running with the d-bus? 

dbus is an optional dependency for pidgin. Its primary use (for pidgin) 
is to provide a means for other programs or scripts to interact with 
pidgin. For example, the purple-remote program that is included with 
pidgin allows you to send messages, change your status, etc from the 
command line. In addition, dbus is used for networkmanager integration 
in pidgin (where pidgin detects whether you have a network connection), 
though this is somewhat broken right now.

You can read more about dbus here:


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