UI changes

Hylke Bons h.bons at student.rug.nl
Tue Aug 14 20:09:00 EDT 2007

Just an idea. Adding "..." takes space too. KDE makes the last chars
more and more transparent, this way you know
it's truncated info but you don't lose more info because of adding "...".


Sean Egan wrote:
> On 8/14/07, Ka-Hing Cheung <khc at hxbc.us> wrote:
>> I would agree with showing "Ka-Hing" instead of "Ka-Hi...", but not with
>> "Ka-Hing" instead of "Ka-Hing Che...", even if there's only one
>> "Ka-Hing" in the buddy list.
> Ok. We'll disagree here. Given a choice between an organic truncation
> and a mathematical one, I'd choose the organic one. "Che..." is mostly
> just noise to me.
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