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Monica Barratt tronica at
Mon Aug 20 22:05:41 EDT 2007

Hi there

I am one of those non-programming people who is using Pidgin - I want to
support open source software and I want to use the Off-the-record secure IM
plug-in, so I changed over from Trillian.

"Screen name" really confused me. I have never used AIM (not really popular
in Australia). So, to me, it meant display name. I tried to add an MSN
contact, with the display name (now I understand this is the 'alias') of
Josh. Someone out there has the email address josh at and they were
added to my list. So eventually I worked out what was going on. In the end I
got so confused that I opened up MSN just so I could reliably add this

So, as a novice user of Pidgin, I would recommend changing "Screen name" to
something like "account".

I agree with the suggestion of changing "alias" to "display name". also
'nickname' would work.

Just like to lend my support to Pidgin. I really like it - also happy to not
know about what client my contacts are using - as long as I know whether
they are available or away, this is all I need.



> > Here are a few assorted thoughts:
> > We use the term "Screen name" for every account; this is an AIMism,
> > and we should probably have the prpl specify what to call this (e.g.
> > UIN, JID, etc).
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