Devel Digest, Vol 5, Issue 89

William Reading bill at
Tue Aug 21 22:13:27 EDT 2007

On Aug 21, 2007, at 9:03 PM, devel-request at wrote:

> I was wondering: is there a work-around to setup Pidgin to work with
> Exchange Instant Messenging (instead of the lame "Windows Messenger  
> 5.1"
> client)?
> If not, could this additional support possibly be added to the  
> Roadmap?

Exchange Instant Messaging is the predecessor to Microsoft's Live  
Communications Server (LCS), both of which are based upon an MS-ified  
version of SIP.

It might be the case that the SIPE plugin works for that already: It also looks like the discussion for  
that plugin is here:


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