"Insert" Button in UI

Andrew Roeder correnthean at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 01:12:58 EDT 2007

Peter Lawler wrote:
>OK, two - if I select 'insert' then drag to "smiley" and release to pop
>up the smiley window... I stand corrected.

It is never going to happen, but we should not interchange "amount of
clicks" with "time to achieve goal", it takes more time and effort to
mouseclick and hold the mouse button down to hover over smiley then
have to release the button.  Thats obvious.

Personally as I argued GUI design, Pidgin users were already content
with menu icons that lacked descriptions before, removal of the
descriptions would open up plenty of space.  And to note, I see little
difference from having options grayed out under the menu, compared to
grayed out pictures on the bar.

I'm still for removing those descriptions and busting up the smiley
menu into simple icons, I like the new dropdown font menu, but how
formatting is handled still needs work as I described in my ticket

We've released more space with the move of the reset formatting button
into the menu, and could relieve even more space by description
removal, so "having a tiny window" will no longer be an issue for
users even with these multiple icons.

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