Re: 5ac064e7: Attention API for nudges/buzzes/zaps of …

Jeff Connelly shellreef at
Sun Aug 26 21:39:08 EDT 2007

> On 8/26/07, Sadrul Habib Chowdhury <imadil at> wrote:
> Instead of having the new signals, would it be enough to use the
> existing receiving|received-im-msg signals, and set an appropriate flag
> (eg. PURPLE_MESSAGE_ATTENTION) so that a plugin/UI can treat it
> differently if it wants to, otherwise just handle it as any other
> incoming/outgoing message? I think that would be simpler and
> 'backward-compatible'.
I did this and was able to cut out a lot of code.

I was going off the suggestion at but I agree a
flag would be better. We'll have to see if deck rider, Ethan, and John

> Considering we have the flag we want, can serv_got_attention just set
> the flag and the appropriate message, and call serv_got_im? And let's
> have a serv_send_attention, which would call serv_send_im with the
> appropriate flag and message set, instead of using serv_got_attention
> for sending an attention request.
Good stuff. I committed this in
bb439d33c8e6728e2dbf315476c20420b108297a and am currently pushing it.
A patch to head is also available at


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