Persistent chat rooms

Ankit Singla anksingla at
Sun Aug 26 22:47:25 EDT 2007

Actually, the arguments that were brought up against History are some of 
the reasons I use Enhanced History by Andrew Pangborn instead of 
History. Especially since many times, the inserted history is unrelated 
to the current conversation. Enhanced lets you insert based on the time 
since the previous convo as well as the number of previous conversations 
you want.


Michael wrote:
> I hadn't even thought of this before you mentioned it.  I have done this
> in the past too, quickly closing a window and re-opening with the same
> buddy for the sole purpose of killing the previous history..
> Chris Stafford wrote:
>> I hate having the previous conversation appear. not least because my
>> main reason for closing the window when the conversation hasn't finished
>> is that I don't want somebody who's looking over my shoulder to read
>> what has been written. Otherwise what's wrong with keeping the window
>> open like a normal person?
>> cheers
>> chris
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