5ac064e7: Attention API for nudges/buzzes/zaps of ...

Jeff Connelly shellreef at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 03:25:54 EDT 2007

On 8/26/07, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org> wrote:
> Indeed, this does appear to solve deckrider's problem/request while still
> satisfying the need for a common attention abstraction.
OK, good. I updated the Yahoo and MSN prpls to now use this API. The
old implementation can be used instead by not defining
respectively, but the old code could be removed soon if there are no
problems with the protocols using the new API. Revisions:

ba237d3a3c5388e88b98b7d6973f05d8cf042dfb - MSN and Yahoo
df9bdc703329b5f1f7a55ab861db020eee019134 - MySpace and server.c, prpl.h

Here's a comparison of how it looks sending and receiving attention
commands in three different protocols, before and after my changes.
This could, of course, all be changed.

MSN old:
(12:05:11 AM) You have just sent a Nudge!
(12:05:18 AM) example at example.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) just
sent you a Nudge!

Yahoo old:
(12:05:51 AM) example just sent you a Buzz!
(12:05:53 AM) Me:
(12:05:53 AM) You have just sent a Buzz!

MySpace old:
(12:08:57 AM) *** Attention: Zapping example ***
(12:09:04 AM) *** You have been torched! ***
(12:09:12 AM) *** Attention: Torching example ***

MSN new:
(12:10:24 AM) Attention! Nudging example at example.com.
(12:10:29 AM) Attention! You have been nudged.

Yahoo new:
(12:12:34 AM) Attention! You have been buzzed.
(12:12:37 AM) Me:
(12:12:37 AM) Attention! Buzzing example

MySpace new:
(12:13:05 AM) Attention! Zapping example.
(12:13:16 AM) Attention! You have been whacked.
(12:13:26 AM) Attention! Torching example.

One problem that persists is the empty line upon buzzing in Yahoo, as
noted on https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=300235&aid=1672389&group_id=235.
I didn't really understand what <ding> was doing so I left it in.


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