5ac064e7: Attention API for nudges/buzzes/zaps of …

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 05:30:28 EDT 2007

* Jeff Connelly had this to say on [26 Aug 2007, 18:39:08 -0700]:
> > Considering we have the flag we want, can serv_got_attention just set
> > the flag and the appropriate message, and call serv_got_im? And let's
> > have a serv_send_attention, which would call serv_send_im with the
> > appropriate flag and message set, instead of using serv_got_attention
> > for sending an attention request.
> Good stuff. I committed this in
> bb439d33c8e6728e2dbf315476c20420b108297a and am currently pushing it.
> A patch to head is also available at
> http://msimprpl.darkthoughts.net/attention5d.diff.


There was a little bug in serv_send_attention, where it would trigger
'receiving-' and 'received-' signals. I have pushed a fix (490d00c..).
It seems to still be working with Yahoo and MSN. Could you please
confirm it doesn't break Myspace-IM (I don't have an account)?

There was a TODO in yahoo.c:
 /* TODO: find out how to send a <ding> without showing up as a blank
  * line on the conversation window. */

I have 'fixed' it in 9a3d36b.. by introducing a new message-flag
PURPLE_MESSAGE_INVISIBLE, which will allow sending messages without
writing anything in the conversation (or in the log). However, note that
in this case, "Attention! Buzzing ..." is written in the conversation,
and also saved in the log. I remember discussing about a similar flag
with someone. Does anyone remember who it was with, or what the context

The reason that "<ding>" is displayed as an empty string is because it's
treated as an HTML tag by both gtk_imhtml_is_tag -- which Pidgin uses,
and purple_markup_strip_html -- which Finch uses. Whether it's a bug or
not -- I am not entirely sure. Probably not.

> -Jeff


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