pidgin speed optimization

Binary Chen binary.chen at
Tue Aug 28 08:34:44 EDT 2007

Hi Pidgin folks,

I am running pidgin in a quite old machine, with only 200Mhz CPU speed.
I can obviously feel some freeze if I scrool the buddy list window... I
want it to be more smooth, how can I do?

I don't want some complex function of buddy list, such as buddy
tooltip(I don't know whether it is the resoure consumption part...) How
can I get rid of that?

My configure script is run as:

./configure --disable-startup-notification --disable-gtkspell
--disable-gevolution --disable-cap --disable-schemas-install
--disable-gstreamer --disable-consoleui --disable-screensaver
--disable-sm --disable-fortify --disable-perl --disable-tcl --disable-tk
--disable-doxygen --disable-plugins --without-x 

My backend is directfb.


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