Pidgin chat GUI

"François K." daitheflu at
Thu Aug 30 10:28:18 EDT 2007

Hi there,

First, I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the project. 
Pidgin is a great piece of software and I use it almost everyday :)

I was just wondering if you have planned to implement an XHTML 
interface, like Adium and Kopete did (see this link if you don't know 
what I mean : ).
I really love the way it's done, it's clear and useful. I think it would 
be a great improvement in Pidgin GUI.

I know, I could do this by myself, but I just don't know anything in C. 
If someone feels patient enough to teach me and be my "supporter", I'd 
maybe try.

Thanks in advance for your answer, and, again, thanks for your work, it 
just rocks !

- Francois.
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