porting finch to uClinux on blackfin

Bill Fassler bill.fassler at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 31 11:22:02 EDT 2007

I do not have libxml2 and config did not fail, so is that a bug? I did of course fail on build.  Also I have found libxml2-2.6.29.tar.gz and xml2_0.3.orig.tar.gz.  I assume I need libxml2-2.6.29.tar.gz.  Can you confirm that?  Any idea what the differences are between libxml2 and xml2 ??  I couldn't find much of  anything when googling for answers.


Daniel Atallah <daniel.atallah at gmail.com> wrote: On 8/29/07, Bill Fassler  wrote:
> OK so I will start pouring over the log and see if I can tell what is
> missing.
> So I also need to port/cross-compile XML2??  I don't understand why Finch (a
> text-based IM) would need this!  I do understand that it is libpurple
> requiring it, but couldn't there be preprocessor directives to bypass
> compiling and linking stuff in libpurple that Finch doesn't really need?

libxml2 is a prerequisite for libpurple itself regardless of UI, so
Finch really needs it.

configure should have failed due to the missing dependency.


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