feature request: different block lists

Kevin M Stange kevin at simguy.net
Fri Aug 31 15:37:40 EDT 2007

Winter Mute wrote:
> Hey,
> A friend of mine gave the tip: it would be LOVELY to have an IM client
> which is able to maintain different visibility and blocking lists.
> E.g. when I'm at work, I set the work-blocklist, and thus only
> colleagues see me online. When I go home, I set the home-blocklist,
> which makes me visible to friends, but blocks all colleagues, so they
> can't bug me. Okay, this is a sloppy example, but I hope You get the
> point.

This sounds like it would make a good candidate to be a plugin, though
probably not a great one right now.  The privacy API and UI need a
rewrite, so contributions toward that goal could help ensure the API is
designed such that this type of plugin might work well/better than it
could now.

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