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Wed Dec 5 06:15:27 EST 2007

Hello there!!!

Considering that the message below wasn't answered by anyone, I suggest 
that we keep the effort as it is.

The peaces are on the move, and the direction is to make the custom 
smiley infraestructure to work on a "per-profile" basis.
But for now, the implementation will recognize only the main (global) 
profile so the management of profiles could be added on future releases.

Resuming, the feature will work like this:

Custom smileys will be handled by the new "Smiley API" suggested by 
Jorge and will be stored on a global folder, meaning that they will be 
shared by all protocols (and associated accounts) that want to use them.
If the user adds a custom smiley, it will be available for all MSN 
accounts he/she have.
In the moment the feature of sending and receiving custom smileys become 
available for a new protocol, all the custom smileys already stored will 
be automatically available to all accounts of this protocol.

That's the main idea.

Any comments and suggestions will be welcome (hum... I don't know 
whether the word "welcome" could be used like this, but... ).

Best regards!!!

Jorge Villaseñor wrote:
> Hi, I'm the one working on #1187 I'm on vacations so I will start
> working on it again but now with Mauro's help.
> We was talking and we have some questions to you
> 1) The custom emoticons should be managed per-account, per-service or
> per-profile?
> We think that the better way to manage it is per-service or
> per-profile but since purple is based on a per-account way....
> 2) As we have read the patch, we find that it's to big and adds a
> complete feature so, it make sense to add a Smiley API in a
> libpurple/smiley.[ch] and use it.
> Actually the smileys are associated to an account being added a glist
> to the PurpleAccount structure, but may be it's better to have the
> smileys independent to the accounts and only at the end link the
> account (depending on the answer to 1)
> What do you think?
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