Building Pidgin on MacOSX with native GTK

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Thu Dec 6 22:18:27 EST 2007

Shreevatsa R wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to install Pidgin on OS X using the native GTK+ from
> This ticket #2629 [ ] gave me the
> idea that everything except the docklet stuff has been accepted already,
> so I only needed --without-x if I didn't want a tray icon, but this is
> wrong; I still get errors from eggtrayicon because of missing gdkx.h.
> So should I just download the gtkstatusicon.2.diff and apply it, or are
> there any problems with the idea?

Go ahead and give it a try and post a comment on that ticket if it works 
or not for you. Adding a ui_op to the docklet will have to wait for a 
major version change (3.0.0), not just a minor version bump. So 
accepting that patch into pidgin proper will have to wait until then.


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