Remote Logging

Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft h at
Wed Dec 12 13:50:02 EST 2007

I fixed the crash bug when keeping the debug window open.
It was caused by the remotelogging plugin calling purple_debug from a 
different thread, thus requiring purple_debug to be thread safe, which 
it is not.
I circumvent this now by pushing the log entries into an GAsyncQueue and 
then polling and committing them from the main worker thread.
I'm using the windows binaries for a week now and they seem stable to me 
(i only use icq and jabber, so i dont know)
For those interested, i built a windows installer
and here is my monotone tree
I've only modified the remote-logging branch of course.
I also propagated changes from the default branch into the remote 
logging branch today.
And although there is no option in the plugin configuration, because 
libdbi does not support configuring it, you can use ssl encrypted mysql 
connections by telling the server to enforce ssl for the specified user 
Well i'd like this to find it's way into monotone main branch sometime 
soon, so please comment on what i need to fix / create / improve for 
that to happen !

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