Group Tooltips (Re: im.pidgin.pidgin: a16b0446f0c1f5c48c1fe592cd1c91c78dcfa7f0)

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Mon Dec 24 02:18:00 EST 2007

* deryni at had this to say on [22 Dec 2007, 20:35:37 -0500]:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Revision: a16b0446f0c1f5c48c1fe592cd1c91c78dcfa7f0
> Ancestor: ab475d020df5c888a824b1951aa05fc431580a94
> Author: deryni at
> Date: 2007-12-23T01:30:27
> Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
> Modified files:
>         pidgin/gtkblist.c
> ChangeLog: 
> Add tooltips to groups in the buddy list. The tooltips show the current online
> buddy count, the total buddy count (for online accounts) and the names of all
> the accounts which have buddies in the group (both online and offline). There
> was a ticket filed about the buddy note plugin which complained that since
> groups don't have tooltips (and thus no way to display the notes) the plugin
> shouldn't let you add them, this should fix that (the ticket was already
> closed because the patch in it was no good).
> I don't think the current account bit of the tooltip is particularly pretty so
> suggestions or fixes are welcome.

How about something like the following:

	Group Name
	Online Buddies: (if non-zero)
	Total Buddies: (if non-zero)
	Chats: (if non-zero)
	[AIM icon] firstaccount: 3/6
	[XMPP icon] secondaccount at 0/5

The counts for the accounts will only include PurpleContact's, and not
the PurpleChat's for the account. Adding the icon for the accounts might
be overkill, but there needs to be some way to differentiate between
accounts with the same name.


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