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Mon Dec 24 16:04:14 EST 2007

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Richard Laager wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-12-24 at 10:46 -0600, Gary Kramlich wrote:
>> There's also no reason we can't use tailor to convert the revs from git
>> to monotone to be merged.
> By that logic, there's "no reason" Felipe couldn't use Monotone. ;)
> I'm saying that I think using Monotone would be less work in total for
> everyone involved. If Felipe still wants to use Git, it'd be because he
> thinks that's less work for him.
> Richard

Right, he's working on code that we want.  This has to work both ways,
otherwise all we do is piss each other off.  Which I think has been
clearly displayed here.  Felipe has worked with us in the past, and has
obviously had some bad experiences with that.  If that wasn't the case
he wouldn't be as militant as he appears to be lately.  But honestly, I
do not blame him.

There's been a lot of discontent among even our selfs lately, mostly do
to people forcing ideas down each others throats without much stock put
into the feedback that others are trying to give.

So I ask everyone involved, in the MSN stuff, or just
purple/pidgin/finch/adium/etc in general.  Can we please let our pride
go and work as a team?  Sometimes we have great ideas, and sometimes we
just think we have great ideas.  But listening to feedback and willing
to take it seriously and not as an attack against our selfs is what
makes an idea you thought was great, become an idea everyone thinks is

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