RES: RES: Chat

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Fri Dec 28 14:01:56 EST 2007

* Rafael Franco Carvalho had this to say on [28 Dec 2007, 16:36:49 -0200]:
> Hi Sadrul
> >It looks like we always try to create a chat with the same name ('MSN
> >Chat'), which confuses purple. The fix would be to create a chat with a
> >different name each time. Either of the attached patches will work
> >around the bug on most occasions, I think. But I am not sure how the
> >change in server.c will affect the other prpls, and the change in msn.c
> >is very ugly ... I don't like either of the patches. Perhaps you can
> >find a cleaner fix? :)
> >
> >Sadrul
> I think we can use chat_id instead of another counter on msn.c. Something
> like this:

The problem with that is, if you dis+reconnect the account and 'Initiate
Chat' on some other buddy, an existing chat (possibly with someone else)
may be reused, which is undesirable.

> There are a "MSN Chat" on switchboard.c at msn_switchboard_add_user(), we
> have to do the same thing that msn.c, I guess.



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