msn-pecan now has direct connection support (fast file transfers)

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Felipe Contreras wrote:


>> That's why I'm not talking about away/status messages, but personal
>> messages. Something that doesn't have anything to do with the current
>> status.

Right, I was agreeing with that.  I think they're a good idea, but I've
never considered it because I personally, do not have a need for it.


>> Of course, he gave me guidance about how to do it the way he though
>> was the proper one.

And the discussion just ended there.  I mean, I know from my own
experiences and trying to help patch writers, that everyone comes from a
different point of view, and as long as everyone is open to discussion,
the work will shine because of it.


>> We share the same opinion then. GObjectification of libpurple is
>> something that must be done.

Indeed, but I've been trying to hit a moving target, and it's proved to
be entirely too difficult for the amount of time I'm currently able to
dedicate to it.


>> I understand, that's why it's not good to have non-extensible API.

Right, which is exactly where we need to be headed.  Making *EVERYTHING*


>> That would probably require some code reorganization in order to split
>> the different layers of the MSNP, something I'm already planning for
>> msn-pecan, but I won't touch the MSNP15 code.

I don't think anyone was asking you to, I know I wasn't, but just
leaving this flexibility in makes it that much easier for everyone else.

>> Best regards.

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