msn-pecan now has direct connection support (fast file transfers)

Evan Schoenberg tekjew at
Sun Dec 30 20:04:40 EST 2007

I was actually off-list on purpose, as I didn't want to derail the  
conversation but was just letting you know since you'd said you were  
still looking for numbers.  The meat of my original reply:
> Here are the Adium stats.  They're only for people who have chosen to
> submit anonymous usage data alongside their version checking, but I  
> can
> think of no reason that this choice would skew toward a particular
> instant messaging service.
> They show AIM and MSN neck-and-neck for #1 in usage in Adium.
> Clearly this isn't the whole world, but it's an interesting little  
> slice
> o' data.

On Dec 30, 2007, at 6:57 PM, Gary Kramlich wrote:

>> In any case, as an opt-in libpurple plugin, it could also be quite
>> interesting.
> This sounds like volunteering to me! :P

Not I :)

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