Proposals for 3.0.0 API changes

Eric Richie edr1084 at
Mon Dec 31 07:09:15 EST 2007

On 12/31/07 12:24 AM, "Gary Kramlich" <grim at> wrote:

> Eric Richie wrote:
>> How will this affect the addition of the media API?  It's already using
>> GObject and will hopefully be stable and working sometime between 2.4.0 and
>> 3.0.0.
> GObjectification is not just using gobjects, it's making all objects in
> purple gobjects.  Also, the media stuff was hopeful to be done in that
> time frame.  

Thus my question... ;)  So it shouldn't have any ill effects then?  (Just
because something might be done doesn't always mean it sees the light of day
immediately, especially with such big rewrite in the works.)

> The version numbers don't mean anything aside from an api
> stability point of view, and have absolutely nothing to do with features
> except what version a feature was implemented in.

Right, but you (more specifically John) were(was) talking about a "firm
freeze on libpurple and say no new API, features, etc." so I was asking
how/if it would have an effect on its inclusion.

One of my v/v guys asked me to check with you about it so I just wanted to
make sure the question was asked while things were being discussed.


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